[FF Eng | Yewon/Kyusung] Aphrodite Choice Ch. 1

Author: r3diavolo89

Title: Aphrodite Choice

Lenght: Chaptered (Chap 1)

Main Pairing: YeWon/KyuSung

Other Pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, EunHae, YunJae, GTop, ChangBum

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Tragedy, slight!Greek Myth

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Let them be mine, though it’s just in my dream.

Warning: Beware for grammatical error, miss-spelling, typos, bad language, etc. English isn’t my native language plus this story is unbeta-ed.

Summary: Cho Kyuhyun –the 127th reincarnation of Adonis, a demigod- knows since the first time he saw that his sunbae, Kim Yesung is a reincarnation of his past lover, Aphrodite -the goddess of love-. But did he think Choi Siwon -a reincarnation of Ares, the God of war- will just let him be close to his lover? or… will Ares kill Adonis, again?!


A Very First Chapter Comes Up After Forever ^^ sorry, I live my real life XD

work and work and make a friend and more attention to my big family and twitter and facebook and ofc YESUNG.. too busy!!!


still hoping you remember it and mind to give me a lovely comment ❤

also accepting the critics and suggestions too ofc ^^


special thanks to charismavi and ysismine for always forcing me to write it down -__-



Kyuhyun leaned his back against the wall. Waiting. Continuously he’d stare the watch enlacing his left wrist. Then worriedly he’d look around, afraid someone he’s been waiting for hours has already gone now.

Despite the fact about how he hate the university –since he believe he’s the genius one and university meant wasting the times and money- Kyuhyun actually has his own goal with entering the Seoul University. The vision he received through the dream in the nights since a month ago. About the place where his destiny, his desire, his forever love, his Aphrodite is.

It is his 127 lifes as a human, 127 times he does a reincarnation. Many centuries already elapse, but the wicked God, He won’t set his mind free from the memories he had as Adonis. God never has a willing to let him forget about Aphrodite or even Ares.

127 times of reborn, but only could meet his forever love 3 times before. Since he wasn’t the part of Olympians, it was so rare his reincarnation life would be at the same time as them. Pitiful. More than that his life always ended up with the lost. Ares and Aphrodite, what’s the good about them? They’re also a sinner, same as him. So why he never get what he loved like that bastard and bloodlust deity, Ares? Why he can never get Aphrodite for  himself?

Since Kyuhyun turned into 17, he already knew who truly he is. Puberty let you sink into the reality of your very past life. But, he didn’t know where he could fetch his fate nor where he could find other men like him. He felt forever alone, a man in this modern life with a very old old memory about his life before.

2 days after his 17th birthday, Kyuhyun kept telling his parents about a temple, a mount, an old man with the beard, a very beautiful woman, a handsome and well-built man with his anger eyes locked on him, a spears, a shield, and…the death of him. The parents worried and insisted him to make an appointment with psychologist. Almost 1 year treatment before finally he decided it would please his parents when he pretending he’s already okay. He was tired for being distrusted by his family or friends. Worse, a few of them telling him insane for dreaming or imagining those things.

Everything seemed perfect and normal after that, since he decided to throw back the memories to the very deep side of his brain. Perfect until he dreamt about him. He is…the male incarnation of Aphrodite. Reincarnation of the cause of his misery and pathetic life. Reincarnation of someone whom how hard he tried to hate, it will never work.

And when he already knew about him, how could he ignore it?

Kyuhyun didn’t like studying, that’s why after graduated from High School he decided he would go to work in his father company, a game developer company.

But after knowing where Aphrodite is. He had the urge to come there. Approaching his destiny.

Day 1, then he already met him. Aphrodite is a male now, but look at his beauty. Perfect. And like a centuries ago, he couldn’t take his eyes off of that perfection. Then Kyuhyun found out, his name is Kim Yesung. But of course, there’s always a ‘problem’ around his love, and for this life the name is Choi Siwon.

“Hi” he greeted when he saw Yesung exited the classroom. The shorter man turned around to see a handsome man with his pale white skin smile widely at him, then the former stretched out the hand to cup the other face with the palms of his.

The latter looked up and see the other face confusedly for a moment before suddenly deluge of memories flew inside his brain unstoppably. Yesung jolted a bit, shocked for the sudden thing’s just happened. Like a broken video tape, his brain played thousands of memories compulsively. From the moment he was still a goddess ‘til his 78th life as Sonia. Sonia, he couldn’t even remember it clearly what happened to her? How his past incarnation died to be exact?

Kyuhyun pulled out his palm. Smiling he stared at the latter expression. “You remember me?” he asked.

Still in disbelief, robotically he questioning the former “Are you…Adonis?”

“Yes. But i’m Cho Kyuhyun now” unexpectedly Kyuhyun enveloped him in a hug. “I’m so glad I found you. This is our fourth time we live at the same time, sweetheart.” Yesung flustered. Letting the other hugged him without paid an attention to hug back.

After Kyuhyun released the hug, he offered his hand to the other. “Come with me? I’ll show you something.”

“Si-siwon will fetch me later…” hesitantly Yesung answered.

“Ares?” he asked.

“You already know it” rhetorically he responded to it.

Kyuhyun nodded slightly. “Just spare your time with me for a while. Please, love.” Still extending his hand to the other, he begged.

Yesung be quiet for a second, before finally took the hand with his own. “Where we’d go?” however he couldn’t put aside his curiosity. He needs to know more about the man in front of him. So does about his forgotten past life. How could he remember all his lifetimes except the life he was in with Adonis there?

Kyuhyun held the hand tightly, “Just come with me, kay?” a victorious smile plastered on his lips.

Hand in hand they go without realize there’s someone eyed them from afar.

“I wish there will be no war” he murmured.

Someone patted his shoulder, squished it lightly “We should prepare, Kangin?”

“Not yet, Teukie. Keep calm and wait, we’ll see the progress” the other nodded understand.

~~ r3diavolo89 ~~

“You’re painting them by yourself?” his finger traced the object of the painting. A very beautiful lady.

“Yes I painted them since I knew who I am. That’s Victoria. Your 7th incarnation. The first time we met again after Adonis being killed. It was my 20th incarnation. I was William at the time, a son of a farmer. While you were a very beautiful daughter of our land lord, Sir Carrington. And Ares…” Kyuhyun let out a bitter laughter “…he was a prince, Prince Peter.”

“Are you once again being killed?” Yesung caressed the former cheek tenderly.

Kyuhyun held the other hand, palmed it with his then intentionally brought it to meet his lips, he kissed it gently. “What do you think?”

“Perhaps that was the way our relationship had to work” replied the latter.

Kyuhyun chuckled, “Do you mean I should always lost then meet the death?”

“Always?” Yesung furrowed.

“The fate. I’m destined to always die in Ares hand because struggling to have your love.” And Yesung couldn’t help but feel so sorry for that. Guilty look he gave to the other.

“No worry, love. No remorse for you, because you are indeed the precious one to be fought for. Beside I don’t plan to lose anymore this time.” With a tender gaze he stared at Yesung.

Yesung averted his gaze to elsewhere. “I’m clueless. I remember all my lifes before, but not with you in it. Why?”

“They made you forget. Ares with the help of Zeus and other deities, they made you forget. They couldn’t stop our fate, so they tried to prevent the possibility to create another war between me and Ares. As long as you forget me, it’s gonna be peaceful. But unluckily I always found the way to meet you remind you about us.”

“Why? Do you plan another war for us?”

“No, my love. My feeling for you, I just couldn’t stop it. I love you, it’s just so simply like that.” Kyuhyun reassured.

“Really?” Yesung remained a silence. “So tell me about other stories of our life. Who is this girl?” his finger back to trace another painting.

“Selene. Your 31st incarnation. That was my 49th life, my name was Antonio, I’m your master.”

“Master?” felt interested he asked.

“You’re the maid in my house in Torino. Not only had to struggle you from Massimo, he was Ares by the way, my parents also against us. You went away with Massimo, then I ran for you, holding a sword in my hand, I wanted to kill him, but Ares was still superior at the time, still having his power as a god -though not so powerful-, so once again I ended up being killed.” Again, a bitter smile forming in his lips.

“And how about Sonia?”

“You remember Sonia?” Amusedly Kyuhyun asked.

“Of course not, when you touched me in the university, I saw her. And I just knew she was Sonia, my 60th incarnation.”

“You were a psychic” Kyuhyun said. “People thought you were Satans child. When they knew I love you, they exorcised me, hoping I would be free from the devil’s hand.”

“And how you’re dead?”

Kyuhyun silenced. The moment later he spoke up, “It wasn’t me who’s died first, they burned you. You were bonded to the pole and then they burned you, trapped you into the fire. The Olympians couldn’t help you, they came late. And I…also had no power.” Kyuhyun hanged his head low.

“Then Ares came to me and killed me for letting you die in front of my eyes.” He cried out, guilty took over his heart remembering the bitter past life. The picture of Sonia screamed when the fire touched her skins, it always made him trembled, wept, and cursed himself.

Yesung embraced him, tried to soothe him down. “That’s okay. It was only the past, you never meant to hurt me. That’s okay”

“I’m glad I can hold you once again, Aphrodite.”

“It’s Yesung. Call me like that.” Yesung loosened the hug, he looked up to see the other stare at him intently and longingly.

“Yesung…I love your name.” huskily Kyuhyun whispered into the latter ear. His lips moving, seeking the other lips to seal it into the kiss. A light kiss before he made it passionately with the teeth and tongue playing on the other’s. Kyuhyun nibbled the bottom lips, asking the other to open up and let him in.

Yesung didn’t know what’s the spell he was under that made him let Kyuhyun kiss him that way. He didn’t struggle at all. Paralyzed? Instinct? Or just because he knew this is the way the fate played with them.

Siwon. Once again the Fate will play with us.

~~ End of Chapter 1 ~~

Woooah, where is Siwon???!!! Relax, he’ll come out later. Just wait, kay?! ^^

And sorry if it’s confusing, too many typos and too simple language…

Comments and Subscribe will be loved!! ❤


10 responses to “[FF Eng | Yewon/Kyusung] Aphrodite Choice Ch. 1

  1. Wuihhhhh…. yesung renkarnasi dewi aprodite,lg ngebayangin dia yg cantik banget xi..xo

    wow pasti seru nich ff, siwon jd dewa ares? cocok kah ?,ares kan jahat and sadis -_-

    Baiklah aku tunggu next chnya ” hoy lempar kamus sini !!

    ini cerita ok knp pakai b inggris coba ?? # timpuk trie i

  2. Yeayy!! Update juga 🙂
    So,they still remember their past,and its always ended with kyuhun’s being killed..
    Okay,wait patiently for the next chap..
    *nggak ampe berbulan bulan kan updatenya*

  3. huaaa finally i can read this ch 1
    after a long long time u abandon this fic unnie :p
    okay so they all “greek myth incarnation” still.have their memori about past?? so cool
    i bet yesung look so damn beautiful and have beauty aura :3
    okay pliss publish the other aoon unnie :3
    love u
    love it

  4. jiahh.. Kyu lagi2 menderita..

    Yesung emang pantes jd aphrodite XDD *plak

    reinkarnasi ampe berapa kali tuh.. dan selalu dengan akhir yang sama

    #peluk Kyu

    Perasaan Yesungnya belum tergambar jelas.. ato emang aku yang kagak pandai baca bhs inggris u,u

    Yesung jadi kayak orang yang gak tahu apa2 .. berada dtengah2 kekacauan.. bawaanya nurut XDD *diinjek

    Sperti biasa ini luar biasa good…. apalagi pake sejarah kayak gitu.. cerita yang rumit.. semoga ntar aku bisa paham.. walo dengan ilmu inggris seiprit ..

    Yo fighting.. kutunggu lanjutannya !!!


  5. jiah.. ane komen tadi hilang atau gak sih .. kok kagak muncul…

    komen lagi deh.. biarin aja dobel XD *plakk

    klo yang ini singkat aja deh….

    td intinya komen apa ya?

    oh.. pokooknya bagus.. perasaan Yesung masih belum kentara.. n poor for Kyuhyun..karena dia selalu merasakan hal yang sam .. kaya lingkaran setan yang selalu menghantui..

    tapi hebat Kyu tak pernah menyerah dan selalu berjuang mendapatkan cintanya meski harus dbunuh berbu kali

    Love You kyu.. n jumma Fighting!!!!


  6. Awawaw so Yesung is the first guy reincarnation of Aphrodite, isnt he?
    But im sure he’s the most beautiful one kkkk

    ugh.. Poor kyuhyun 😦
    so he always ends up being killed by Siwon?
    uhm.. But sorry-sorry to say, im so glad to know that wkwkwk
    blame my yewon feel~ >//<
    it's hurt to see yewon being separated eventough kyuhyun is the third person between them

    waks no matter how much i love kyusung, yewon is my very very very first otp!!
    So i hope this fanfic will let Ares and aphrodite being together as usual!
    Kyu is used to be killed, right?
    So its okay if he will ends up dead for the n-th time /evil smirk/

    But im a BIT confused tbvvvh,
    So Yesung's heart is nyabang or he's some kind of cassanova or what??
    How could he has 2 lover while he already has a husband?
    Who's his true lover?
    Where does his heart belong to?
    He's indeed a tight asshole!! (?) #plakplakplak

    aku ngomong apa coba?
    Bear with my gramatical eror please~ :p

  7. Mianhae bundo~~
    Baru comment -_-
    Baru dpt feel baca ff bhs ingg sih xD

    I see, so kyuhyun siwon and others still remember their past memory? But with yesung he’s not cause siwon make him forget about his past memory?

    Dan poor kyu!
    Why he always ended killed up by siwon?
    Still he be end by siwon in this reincarnation?
    I hope not.

    I think siwon is so selfish with his lover.
    But I think everyone does likes siwon did. Lol
    And I hope yesung and kyu will together xD
    Forget about siwon cause he had so many times with yesung before.

    I’m so counfuse with changmin or yunho or his husband as aprodite.
    XD I’m forget about those part.
    How about him unni?
    Still he life in this reincarnation?

    I now my grammer so bad bundo -_-
    But I’m trying my best now.
    Don’t say anything about it -_-

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